Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bathing In The Updates

Oh my goodness! Hello there!

Long time, no chat. Let's fix that madness.


Yup. That happened! *Blushes* My boyfriend (fiancé now!) and I took a vacation to the beach. The entire time I was there I was looking for full sea shells. For some reason in the gulf you can only get broken shells, so needless to say I did have a lot of shells, but none of them were whole or complete. Anyways, it was our last day together on the beach and I was out in the ocean. When I swam back in Garrett was sitting under our umbrella with a sandcastle in front of him. I thought it looked cute. He said to me: "I found a really pretty shell, but you're going to have to dig it up." I was immediately intrigued because I assumed he found me a full shell. So as I was digging I was pressing the sand in between my fingers as a way to sift through the sand to make sure I didn't miss the shell. Garrett kept on telling me to dig deeper, and I told him at one point to shut up, cause I was looking for the shell. Haha! I was a woman on a mission. I get to the bottom and then I see the top of some blue box. Oh boy! I really did get teary eyed and I figured it was some kind of jewelry, men. But when I dug the box out and opened it I saw Captain Jean Luc Picard, and pretty much started crying and laughing at the same time. Cause I knew what was inside the blue velvet box on the inside of that cardboard box. Garrett then proceeded to tell me how much he loved me, our journey together, and how he wants to continue that journey forever or until we die (I'm not a believer in forever because we don't generally live forever, as humans. I thought it was really nice of him to be so thoughtful in his wording to have mention that little tid-bit. Means a lot.). I love him too and am so excited about this next step in our lives. This proposal was so worth sharing with you guys. Sorry it took me so long to post it. I have the best man ever. Here is a collage of our trip to the beach.

Collage-ing It!
While I was on this trip I asked Garrett to get some pictures of me wearing these two bathing suits I got at Forever 21. I have been taking pictures and silently reviewing clothes that I bought, but I haven't gotten around to making a blog post. I have sort of been battling depression and now I feel like I am ready to come back. Ready to show my readers what my curves can rock! What better way to do that then to do a bathing suit post! *Big Grin*

So with this blog post I think I am really going to push the personal envelope with....drum roll please...bathing suits I picked up at Forever 21. The downside to this is the bathing suit I took the most photos in and my personal favorite is now out of stock on their website, figures, but the bikini is still available in many different colors. LINKAGE HERE to Forever 21's Plus Size Swim Section.

This suit makes for great sexy pics.
This black and white retro bathing suit has removable straps, under wire, and a cute split down the front design. I love it. I bought it in a 2x, as you can see its not supremely supportive, but it doesn't look bad at all. I love the way this looks and feels. Its a great bathing suit. I wear it all the time when I go swimming. I feel sexy and confident in it.

Hollywood Glamor. :*
Bikini In Action
This bikini is pretty cute. The down side to this bikini though is its not very supportive for larger sweater puppets. You don't need a bra, but let's just say I did not feel comfortable with out one. Like if I had bounced the wrong way one of my girls probably would have popped out of the bottom or the top of this bikini. The bottom piece is awesome! In all honesty, I can't complain too much about a 13.00 dollar bikini top (rounded up, its not even that much). The bikini itself comes in so many different colors that me having to wear a bra with it to feel comfortable doesn't make me hate this bikini at all. It would be different if I paid 70.00 dollars for the top, you know? I love it. I got a 2x in the top and a 1x in the bottom, also I am a 38H up top and a 14/16 down bottom.

The end! I hope you guys enjoyed the update. :3

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blog Hiatus

Hey there everyone,

Sorry about my absence. The past few weeks have been pretty busy for me, and I've fallen behind in my school work. Trying to catch up feels like I am drowning in an ocean of homework. Ha! I will get back to blogging really soon. I want to show you guys some Halloween costume ideas I came up with, I was three different things. I know it is pretty late, but at least it can be referenced for next year.

Anyways love and miss you guys, my two beautiful followers <3, and I will be back soon.

Thank you for understanding.

Lady Lisa

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Floral Zebra Printed Life

This pencil skirt has to be my all time favorite piece in my closet right now. Courtesy of Torrid, of course. It can be hard to style though. I get that you could pair it with any cute traditional black top and run with it, but I wanted something more fun. I keep hearing about how the color "mustard" is rocking everyone's world this fall, so I paired my skirt, that already had a hint of mustard coloring in it, with a mustard colored tank top. I was kind of really goofy when I took these photos, sooo please forgive my crazy hair and lack of jewelry! :( I almost always think of something after-the-fact that I could have added. You know?

Floral & Zebra Fold Over Skirt | Black Cardigan (mine is sold out) | Mustard Tank Top | Pink Flats (mine are sold out :( )

Cute Studded Flats. :*